Lewis da intro maker is a very famous YouTuber who has over 300 subscribers. He makes intros for people, and he gets subscribers from it. It usually takes him 1 day to reach 78 views on one of his YouTube videos. The highest amount of views he's ever got in a video was 1,000 views, that video was called that video was called my family guy DVD collection, unfortunately he deleted that video 3 months ago . The editing software he uses is Sony Vegas Pro 14, and he uses Blender to make his intros, sometimes for the important intros he makes them on Panzoid. He was born on the 29th of August 2007. He started YouTube in the year 2010. He uses Action to record his videos. The most likes he's ever got on a video was 20 likes, the video was named my family guy DVD collection, but if you read the Wikipedia on him from start to finish then you will know that he deleted that video. and it got published 1 week ago, wow, it didn't take that long for that video to go viral and get a humongous amount of likes. He has a Lenovo PC, he got it 3 weeks ago. It cost $849. Probably none of you know this but he's actually Irish. His full name is Lewis Dunphy, did you know that over 10,000 people in Ireland have the surname Dunphy. This is the link to his YouTube channel

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